Working on
Mellow Fantastic short film by Paz and the connexionners/// 

Pics by Dominic Santos, back to Costa Mesa travels with Miss Farielle, Arielle, the Fairy mermaid :)

magic times


Spending a beautiful surf and music time with Paz in Los Angeles.
Surfing Venice Beach and a very cute Topanga , dancing on The Entrance Band sound.

We were in the middle of no air 
when we stoped at the gaz station at Sunset
, end of Sunset St, for the sunrise.
You can be in the middle of nowhere even on Sunset.

The lake some days goes calm,
 no longer rolling against the shore but
undulating the way you'd picture
sheets spreading and smoothed, 
slow motion, a mother or a lover
gently raising and lowering
the road cloth, catching the air
to square that expanse with the bed

D.R James - From Since Everything is all I've got